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Barbados, the most easterly of the Caribbean islands is well known for its pretty beaches, tropical weather and amazing people. Bridgetown is the capital and commercial centre of Barbados with a population of about 80,000. The coral coast on the west of the island provides silky soft golden beaches and wonderfully clear shores home to a selection of sea life including turtles and the local flying fish of Barbados. The east offers a rockier scene with crashing waves from the Atlantic providing the ideal setting for some great surfing. On the north coast, you will see some shocking sights with coral and sandstone cliffs rising over 100ft out of the ocean. The beaches of Barbados are so good that one of them, ‘The Crane’, was voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by ‘Lifestyles of the prosperous and famous ‘.

Not only is Barbados a pretty land it’s got a lovely, decorative culture with a bunch of islanders that bring it to life. Bajans love to have some jollies and party and this is done in style during ‘Crop Over ‘. Crop Over is a 5 week top season holiday historically celebrated to mark the end of the sugar season when in the seventeen and 1800s Barbados was the planet’s biggest producer of sugar. This incredible carnival not only includes the full island with a procession through the primary areas of the island but it’s an event that draws visitors from every area of the world. For a real Barbadian experience of music, dance, color and not forgetting rum then the crop over isn’t to be missed.

Whether you desire a fun, action filled party vacation or a quiet relaxing retreat Barbados has all that you need. The sea life and shores supply an amazing setting for water-based activities and sunbathing while the music and culture of Barbados bring uniqueness and richness to the location.The natural beauty and fascinating history mean there are lots to do and see in Barbados and there are some great cafes and bars to explore. Barbados has bags full to supply for families, couples and singles alike.

Harrison’s Cavern

Harrison’s Cavern in Barbados is in the center of the island. The awesome crystallised limestone cave is home to lovely stalactites and stalagmites which formed over millenia gone. Its pretty emerald pools and breathtaking waterfalls pull a lot of visitors each year. The tour happens on an electrical tram which makes is way through the intensive caves and underground streams. It is open five days every week ( Wed. to Sun. ) and will cost around $40 Barbados Bucks for adults and $20 for youngsters. This is a great family activity to do to take in Barbados’ unique geological landscape.


Oistins is a large fishing community in the south of Barbados. Here you will find the Oistins Fish Market offering the hottest fish on the island. Here you can see the Barbadian fishing boats and local fisherman weaving their own nets.Oistins is the situation of the yearly Fish Holiday on the island where you can enjoy great local music and dance which will build up your hunger for the mouth-watering local foods like fried fish washed down with the locals’ fave ‘Banks Beer’ or the standard rum. There are some entertaining compettions like the Fish Boning Competition and the grease-pole competition. Here you’ll get to see Barbados’ colourful personality and enjoy their best produce. Just round the corner from Oistins is Miami Beach where you can cool down in the attractive Caribbean Sea.

Parliament Buildings

The Parliament Buildings of Barbados are found at the very top of Broad Street in Bridgetown. Here you will see a powerful familiarity with London. Opposite the Parliament Buildings is the old ‘Trafalgar Square’ with a statue of Lord Nelson. The Barbadian statue of Lord Nelson is basically older than the English statue. Trafalgar Square has been renamed Nationwide Heroes Square. The Barbados Parliament was established in 1639 and is the 3rd oldest Parliament in the whole Commonwealth.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Wildlife Reserve in the St.Peters area in Barbados is a gorgeous area to enjoy foreign animals and reptiles. It is critical to move silently and respectfully here as this is the animals’ turf. The animals ( aside from the parrots and pythons ) are free to wander where they wish. The setting of the reserve is brilliant as it becomes an exploration. It’s a community dedicated to respecting nature as well as to analyze and conservation. The price tag for an adult is $23 ( £8 ) and a kid is $11 ( £4 ). Atlantis adventure tour The Caribbean Sea is too lovely to be ignored and while in Barbados it’s a superb idea to take an Atlantis journey Tour to experience the gorgeous coral reefs. You may travel in a genuine submarine which is a great activity for both grown ups and kids. You’ll be in a position to enjoy the scenic dive sites and the ship wreck off the west coast which is utilized as a dive site as it houses a range of colorful exotic fish. The trip is around forty mins long and is unquestionably worth the effort.

Island Safari in Barbados

A good way of experiencing the island of Barbados is to take an Island Safari. You’ll be taken on an awesome cross country island tour in a comfortable safari rigged Land Rover. The safari will show some of the loveliest places on the island that’d be missed with a trifling beach vacation as the four x 4 will take you places that are hard to reach to most. Off the trail, you may see great coastal perspectives, concealed methods and go thru gullies. The guides on the tours are extraordinarily informative and entertaining while they talk about Bajan folklore, culture, and history. This tour offers some wonderful photo opportunities and a monumental journey. This is a great activity for a grouping of mates. Catamaran tours in Barbados The coast of Barbados is one of its most interesting features of the island with gorgeous white sands and fantastic coral which houses some striking exotic fish and sea creatures. To get the most from the gorgeous western coast of Barbados and to view the island from the sea one of many Catamaran firms in Barbados will supply you with a memorable experience. There are 1 or 2 catamaran firms in Barbados and it’s worth checking them all out to see what’s on offer. As an example, the ‘Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises’, ‘Tiami’, ‘Rubaiyat’ and ‘El Tigre’ are simply a few of many corporations and most offer services fitted to your requirements with food and drinks and there are even ‘cocktail catamaran tours ‘.Almost all of the catamarans have great snorkeling services and the crew on the catamarans in Barbados will give you great info and entertainment. This is unquestionably a must-do activity when on the shores of Barbados.

Andromeda Gardens

Andromeda Gardens in the St. Josephs area of Barbados and has a gorgeous choice of exotic plants grown along Bajan terraced gardens. The six-acre gardens contain a few types of orchids, ferns, begonias, and cacti among a lot more. The beautiful exotic flowers are complimented by the quaint streams and fascinating pools. This place is a piece of paradise and a great spot to visit if you adore your horticulture. The gardens were made in 1954 by Mrs. Iris Bannochie, a local woman, who at her demise left Andromeda to the Barbados Countrywide Trust who now looks after the gardens. This truly is an attractive and romantic area to visit. Cattle Wash The Cattle Wash is a pretty and isolated area of the eastern coast of Barbados. With the Atlantic waves crashing on to the shore this truly is a more rough but quaint side to the island. You will find one or two daring surfers in this area but take care as the waters can be perilous and if you aren’t used to the area it’s best not to go too far out if you want a swim. This is an excellent spot to take an enchanting walk and breathe in some fresh Caribbean air.