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What You Need to Know About Obtaining A Cheap Travel Insurance


Finding the best travel insurance for your plans can be a bit tricky if you are not certain what to take into account.  Let's break this topic down into individual sections so that you will be able to make an educated decision while simultaneously saving a significant amount of money.


The Major Factors to Take Into Account


Travel insurance is quite flexible, as the different bundles will often revolve around your unique situation.  For example, some providers deal with domestic requirements while others are primarily concerned with overseas excursions.  A handful of other variables which should be addressed include:


- Whether you wish to include additional members within the policy.

- The expiration date on the plan.

- The types of customer service offered if you happen to be travelling overseas.

- Whether or not existing medical conditions are covered.

- The price of the policy in relation to industry standards.


Of course, you can also endeavour to obtain a tailor-made bundle which revolves around your unique requirements.  Be sure to determine if this is a possibility.


The Main Types of Coverage


The good news is that the majority of travel insurance plans can be broken down into a handful of categories.  This will enable you to narrow your options down to that the most appropriate amenities may be chosen in advance.  The primary variants offered throughout the United Kingdom include:


- Accident policies

- Trip delays or cancellations

- Medical-related plans

- Cancel for any reason (CFAR)

- 24/7 assistance around the world


As you might have already imagined, the last item mentioned within this list tends to be the most expensive thanks to its all-inclusive nature.  It could nonetheless be wise to consider such an option if you are travelling to a new location and you have additional concerns.  Ultimately, the provider in question will be able to supply additional information should you have other queries.


Larger Providers or Independent Firms?


There is a slight debate in regards to this next question.  Is it better to choose a larger insurance provider or could you save more money by working in tandem with an independent enterprise?  We need to take quality into account, as well-known organisations tend to offer a superior level of transparency and redundancy.  However, those who are looking for only minimal coverage levels could very well choose to make an enquiry with an independent firm to see what is currently on offer.


The Power of Spoken Word


Public opinion and feedback obtained from previous (and current) clients is also very important.  Let us never forget that all insurance providers are also marketing firms to an extent.  In other words, they are trying to sell their products and services to the masses.  See what others have to say in order to draw an objective conclusion based upon facts as opposed to promises and similar statements.


Addressing the Needs of Senior Citizens


It is a foregone conclusion that senior citizens and pensioners will often require special provisions within a travel insurance policy.  Medical coverage is arguably the most important amenity to mention.  However, other variables such as single-trip coverage as well as plans that do not specify age limits are additional factors to examine in advance.  24-hour emergency support, access to approved medical providers and the ability to address specific medical conditions (such as a heart ailment) are often present.  The good news is that many of these policies are offered at reduced rates. 

A Look at the Top Insurers


Now that we have examined some of the most important variables to address when choosing a bespoke and targeted travel insurance plan, let's quickly highlight a handful of the top insurers within the United Kingdom.  These include:


- Allianz Global Assistance

- Amex Insurance

- Generali Global Assistance

- Seven Corners

- Travelex

- Travel Guard


We should still point out that there are times (as mentioned above) when smaller so-called "challenger" firms might be able to offer more amenable rates and/or extremely flexible coverage levels.   This is why obtaining advice from reputable online comparison sites such as and can prove to be invaluable resources.


The fact of the matter is that obtaining the most appropriate travel insurance policy for your needs does not have to represent brain surgery.  Appreciating what to look out for in advance alongside knowing which programme is suited for your needs is the best way to make an informed decision.