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The Best Phones of 2020: Perfect for Travellers

2019 sure was an excellent year for smartphones, but here at TravelTitans we're sure that 2020 will be even better. Whether you're camping in the Lake District or lying on a hot, sunny beach in Tenerife you're going to need a trusty companion; a phone that can capture your amazing holiday moments and help you navigate to the best food and experiences.

Here's a short list of the most anticipated smartphones coming out this year, perfect for travellers:

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip

Samsung are not resting on their laurels this year - with the release of their ambitious new S20 series. This includes the compact and powerful S20, the roomier S20+ and the beefy S20 Ultra (with 5G). There is also a sequel to last year's Galaxy Fold; the Galaxy Z Flip offers a whole new way to save pocket space in 2020, folding in half like an old-school clamshell phone. It remains to be seen if this smaller folding phone will be more useful for travellers than last year's Galaxy Fold which was similarly pricey, but offered something a bit more unique.

If you're looking for the best cameras on the market, look no further. The S20 Ultra will be your best friend if you want to look back on your holiday snaps in 2049 and marvel. The rest of the S20 series is up there as well, especially if you're keen to not miss a shot. The new camera app will let you capture images from all of the S20's new lenses so you'll get a regular, telephoto and wide-angle shot, all at the same time! The night time mode is improved and you'll be amazed at what you can see in your pics, even if you're stuck hacking through the Amazon forest after dark.

One of the key features this year is a push to standardise 5G - with all models offering a 5G version. 5G might not be available in most countries yet, but if you like visiting tech cities like London, San Francisco and Seoul, you just might find the 5G a life-saver - especially if you're looking for a future-proof phone.

As ever, durability is excellent when it comes to water, but you might want to pick up a case for that fancy glass exterior. Nothing worse than hopping off a tram and accidentally smashing your new £1000 phone. Speaking of prices, Samsung always offers an excellent trade-in program for upgrading from a previous model of Samsung or even iPhone - we recommend checking for an offer there first, and then checking networks like Vodafone, Three, O2 and Carphone Warehouse for deals online!

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

The brand new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro have just been released, with just the right amount of everything. 

The new dual-camera system captures more of what you see and love. It also counts with the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and all-day battery life, which will let you do more and charge less. 

You can take your photos from wide ultra-wide: A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra Wide camera to show you what's happening outside the frame, and lets you capture it.

Shooting in low light doesn't have to be a shot in the dark thanks to the new Night mode, which is a new feature that turns on automatically for low-light photos like you've never seen before. There's no need for flash since colours are more natural and photos are brighter.

Samsung Note 10

The new Samsung Note 10 has arrived, and not alone; it's joined by its new brother, the bigger and more powerful Note 10+. Let's have a look at some of the new top features and see what the Note 10 can do for travellers and holiday-goers.

Packing some of, if not the most impressive displays on a mobile device, the Note 10 and Note 10+ are both a travellers dream phone when it comes to viewing content. Featuring their new Infinity-O displays - the camera position has now changed to the middle instead of the side like the S10 series. The smaller Note 10 has a 6.3" display and the larger Note 10+ sports a 6.8" screen - closer to previous sizes of the Note phone series. If you want to show off your holiday selfies there's probably no better phone on the market right now.

Powering this new series of phones is the new Exynos 9825 chip, enabling 5G performance on the selected more expensive models. Perfect for downloading large files and movies on the go. As for the cameras, these are a pocket photographer's dream, utilising the latest and greatest in mobile camera tech - and featuring 4 cameras! There's no better way to snap the Coloseum or Leaning Tower of Pisa, even at night - due to the newly developed night mode on Samsung phones which massively improves the quality of night shots.

Sadly its not all good news, long time Note series fans will likely be upset with the removal of the headphone jack port. Anyone that travels a lot knows that you don't want to be carrying around lots of extra cables and dongles, but sadly the Note 10 series will require a dongle to use your headphones with it. The other bad news is the price tag - sadly all this quality doesn't come cheap. Still, there's no better tech travel companion.


Google Pixel 4 / 4XL / 3A  

Google have improved their pixel series once again with the latest generation of phones, the Pixel 3 and 3XL. They've also introduced a budget version called the Pixel 3A which focuses on providing a little more value for money, while still including quite possibly the best camera on a smartphone. Those looking for a deal should opt for the 3A and those looking to have the best stock android experience should go for the full fat Pixel 3 or 3XL, depending on which size you want. The Pixel 3XL features a larger battery so that's another thing to consider if you're always running out of battery whilst out and about. If you're looking for cool features, you might be served better by other phones, but if you're looking for a top of the range camera that excels at night shots then you can't go wrong with the Pixel series.



Huawei P30 + P30 PRO

The Huawei P20 Pro was our favourite phone for the better part of 2018, only to be replaced by the company's own brilliant Mate 20 Pro. Given that, we can't help but be thrilled to find out what's in store for the P30 Pro.

Right now, the leaks are relatively thin. They suggest four back cameras – up from three – in an effort to continue Huawei's camera dominance, as well as a small teardrop notch and a very small chin at the bottom. Huawei's powerful Kirin 980 chip should be onboard, and we hope to see a Quad HD OLED panel like in the Mate 20 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S9 played it safe and didn't pack quite the same punch as its predecessor, but Samsung won't make that mistake twice, it seems. The Galaxy S10 line will use a pinhole camera design on the front, avoiding a large notch by having a tiny cutout just large enough for the front-facing camera(s) - perfect for viewing films/tv on the plane, and looking at your brilliant photos. Speaking of photos, it will also sport 3 different cameras on the back, one for normal shots, one telephoto lens for zooming in and capturing that beautiful,exotic bird snap, and one wide-angle for those breath-taking panoramas.

The displays are improved from last year and will do an even better job of displaying your content and in our opinion, Samsung use the best displays on any smartphone. There are other great features that everyone will appreciate, like an in-screen fingerprint reader and a brand new designed operating system that is said to be the best Samsung have ever made. Not to mention battery life which will also see a huge improvement this year - with the S10+ featuring a gigantic 4100mAH battery, no one likes running out of battery, especially on holiday!