Seychelles All Inclusive

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1500kms east of the African mainland sat in the Indian Ocean is the Republic of Seychelles, known simply as Seychelles this paradise is an unbelievable destination that offers everything you desire from a beach idyll and lots more besides. The setting is postcard perfect, this archipelago consisting of 115 inhabited islands, all fringed by white shores and peaceful waters of impossible shades of blue and green.

The Seychelles offer the perfect melting pot of cultures, the French, African, Asian, and British influences coming together to create a laid back feel with just enough vibrancy to keep you on your toes; once known only for its honeymoon appeal, the true nature of the Seychelles is reaching a wider audience, make sure that you don’t miss out on the wonder and beauty of this unique destination.

Where to stay

Once seen as a luxury destination it is possible to find accommodation in the Seychelles that although not as opulent as the big name hotels offers great value for money, self catering and small family run guesthouses are gaining in popularity and offer plenty for your poundAll the large name hotels are available to book with ease, try the Hotel Le Duc De Praslin on Praslin for a taste of this luxury or for real seclusion Constance Lemura also on Praslin and boasting huge grounds and its own secluded beach; for budget stays you may have to book directly with the accommodation, but with amazing little places like Georgina’s Cottage Mahe, Calai Guesthouse La Digue, and Hotel L’archipel on Praslin available it is worth every moment of the effort.

Where to eat

Just like the culture, the cuisine of Seychelles is a heady mix of African, Indian, French and even Chinese influences, spices blended to perfection with plenty of heat from chilli and a tropical feel from mango and coconut; beef and lamb is always imported so stick to the local produce, enjoy lots of fish, lobster, octopus and chicken to get the true flavour of this paradise getaway.The vibrant island of Mahe has some fantastic places to eat, not least La Plage in Beau Vallon, the waterside location being the perfect spot to enjoy the most amazing blend of Belgian and Thai cuisine, whilst Marie Antoinette in Victoria with its colonial mansion setting offers the perfect taste of Creole cuisine with an authentic set meal; a little more casual but perfect in its honesty is Lanbousir on La Digue, friendly and perfect for a lunchtime meal of perfectly cooked fish and freshly squeezed juices.

What to do

The islands of Seychelles have many distinct personalities, from the slow paced life in La Digue exploring the pretty town in an ox cart, to the buzz of the busy resorts and all their facilities on Mahe, or even the perfect island for the true escapist with the Robinson Crusoe feel of the remote islands; on Fregate or Bird Island you can have a whole beach to yourself, particularly popular with those that love nature - the option of a two island holiday making it possible to enjoy the very best of the Seychelles without missing a single thing.If you want more than just lazing around on the beach Seychelles offers plenty of jungle and coastal walk with lots of opportunity to explore the marine parks and nature reserves; those that love the water will appreciate the scuba diving and snorkelling amongst the impossibly coloured tropical fish, or kayaking, sailing, and even big game fishing which are all readily available.

When to visit

The Seychelles climate is quite simply tropical throughout the year, with a location just south of the equator the daytime temperature rarely falls below the mid 20’s and humidity is high, the concentration of small islands does however allow for cooling sea breezes to flow between them, tempering the worst of the excesses and creating the perfect sunshine getaway; July is recognised as the coolest month but all things are relative and temperatures still average around 27C.From fishing tournaments to cultural events, there is always something happening in the Seychelles, whether you visit the monthly cultural bazaar with its opportunity to mingle with the locals, arrive for the biennial Arts Festival held every other September, or time your holiday to coincide with the Festival Kreol, the weeklong social event of the year, you are always guaranteed an amazing time.